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Jackson's Lodge & Outposts is a family-operated business that has been providing guests with finest fly-in fishing and hunting trips in Manitoba.
Based in Lac du Bonnet, Jackson's Lodge is easy to get to. Operating our own air service Adventure Air and our own fleet of highly maintained aircraft.
Over the years, it has become a favorite destination for those in search of great fishing, friendly service and five star accommodation in the North.

Toll Free: 1-800-463-4744
Office: 1-204-345-8322

Website: www.jacksonslodge.com

Mailing Address:
Box 670
Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba
Canada R0E 1A0

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Hold fish carefully under their belly, not in the gills Always handle a fish carefully and never insert your hands into the gills. Rather pull the fish from the water under the jaw bone. The best way to hold your fish for photos is to use gloves and place one hand in front of the tail and the other carefully under its belly. When returning the fish to the water, please be careful and not throw it in. Hold the tail and slowly move the fish side-to-side in an 's' patten until it regains strength and swims away. Never pull towards you or push away.

If a hook is caught in the fish's throat, do not forcefully pull. This can cause massive bleeding and death. Carefully try to remove the hook and if unable, cut the line at the hook and leave it there. The fish's digestive enzymes will corrode the hook and it will work its way out.