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Monday, June 4, 2018


Each group throughout the season ask the same question, "What is the best time to catch big fish". I will always give the same answer, and it truly is, "the best time is when you are there".
Because of the fresh water flow throughout the summer the water temps never really rise that high and you will find little difference between May 15, June 15 thru until September. We do find that many big pike are caught in early spring, and the primary reason is because there are more fishermen at that time.
If you look at the Manitoba Master Angler program which tracks and records trophy fish caught each year you will actually find as many large pike caught in July and August as in May and June.
I personally prefer late summer fishing over spring fishing and the reasons are a few. #1. You will find the temperature to be more stable each day. #2 Our rainy season is already over which usually ends around June 15-30. July and August do normally see less rainfall. #3 The insect season is greatly reduced because of drier weather giving to great access to fishing throughout the day and also great evening fishing. #4 And lastly, we find the large Walleyes schooled on reefs on the lake and wherever you find an abundance of Walleyes the Pike are not far away.
So, when planning a fishing trip never overlook the late season for large fish, its an all around great time to be out fishing.