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Jackson's Lodge & Outposts is a family-operated business that has been providing guests with finest fly-in fishing and hunting trips in Manitoba.
Based in Lac du Bonnet, Jackson's Lodge is easy to get to. Operating our own air service Adventure Air and our own fleet of highly maintained aircraft.
Over the years, it has become a favorite destination for those in search of great fishing, friendly service and five star accommodation in the North.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Northern Lights captured by Shinn Party at Whiskey Jack Lake Outpost.


Matts 40in Pike
Just another amazing trip to Whiskey Jack with numerous trophy Northern Pike.


                           Successful Bear Hunt at Harrop Lake in late May.



                                       Some amazing fishing at Harrop Lake.


Fish caught at Bradburn Lake Outpost.


                                                    Great day fishing at Artery Lake.


Amazing Photo taken by VanWheelden at Amphibian Lake Lodge June 21, 2018 

Monday, June 25, 2018


Early morning trip had us redirect to Amphibian Lake Lodge due to fog at Harrop Lake.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


                                       SUV taxing for the first morning flight.



Saturday, June 16, 2018



Amphibian Lake Lodge
Amphibian Lake Lodge is located 150 air miles northeast of Winnipeg and 110 air miles north of our air base in Lac du Bonnet. Built in 1989 and located on the Pigeon River this camp is remote, being the only camp in the area.With great water flow all year, this lake proves to be productive through out the entire season. Explore the many miles of shoreline, grassy bays and structured rock points offering a large variety of species. You can expect to catch trophy walleye and pike along with whitefish, goldeye, sauger and perch. Travel east on this lake and you will find an impressive set of falls. Drop a line to tap into this lakes non-stop walleye action. Your group can enjoy this facility as a Deluxe Outpost or a Full Service American Plan Lodge. Having a total capacity of 16, this location consists of four private guests rooms, each with 4 beds and a separate three piece bathroom.
Amphibian Lake Lodge has a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to prepare your favorite meal. Enjoy our spacious dining area and later sit back by the wood stove after a long day of fishing. Make use of our large outdoor gazebo, situated on the waters edge. Indulge in a true Canadian shore lunch or evening BBQ. Don’t forget to watch for the spectacular Northern Lights.

Jackson'S Outposts
Imagine a lake all to yourself. Our Jackson's Outposts are truly the way to get away from it all! Every angler is different and so is every body of water. With the Area One, Two and Three to choose from, we can put you on a water system that suits your preferences, be it walleye holes or weed beds teeming with pike. Each outpost includes hot and cold running water, indoor bathroom and shower, landing nets, paddles, anchor and gas etc. We set up your outposts before you arrive and provide regular camp checks. Your comfort and safety is of utmost importance to us. This is the perfect getaway for the ultimate adventure seeker.
Adventure Air
Adventure Air is a complete float and wheel charter service. We are located 60 miles North East of Winnipeg at the Municipal Airport in Lac du Bonnet, MB. The paved runway is conveniently located walking distance from our floatbase making it easy accommodate wheel, float or ski aircraft.Adventure Air offers services to remote fishing and hunting destinations, freight and passenger services throughout Manitoba's Northern Communities.
OUR FLEET: Cessna Grand Caravan, Cessna Amphibious Caravan, DHC-3T OTTER, Cessna 185, Beaver, Cessna 337 Skymaster.
Safety is a top priority at Adventure Air. As a Transport Canada certified and licensed facility. Adventure Air takes pride in knowing their employees are up to date with current regulations, training procedures, and safety precautions. All of our aircraft are equipped with satellite tracking systems which enables us to track flights every step of the way.


Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Throughout the summer at all of our Outposts Camp you will have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Late evening or throughout the night is the best time to view them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Monday, June 11, 2018

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


In order to ensure our future generations the ultimate Manitoba Fishing Adventure Jackson's Lodge & Outposts requests that you eat all the fish you want for shore lunches but please leave your 'take home' limit in the lake. All trophy-sized Walleye over 18" and Northern Pike over 27.5" must be carefully released. Record your memories on film, or opt for a replica mount. The one natural resource that keeps guests coming back each year is the fish in the lakes. We want to establish a resource that will last for generations to come, so possibly your children and grandchildren can enjoy them as well. C.P.R. (Catch, Photograph, Release) over the next few years will provide an even greater number of trophies caught each year.

Barbless Hooks

Manitoba regulations call for? barbless hooks. This means that any hooks attached to your line must either have no barb or have the barb pinched against the shaft of the hook. Barbed hooks may be kept in the tackle box.

Barbless hooks allows for easier removal and thus less stress on fish. In turn, this increases the odds that a fish will survive when returned to the water.


Hold fish carefully under their belly, not in the gills Always handle a fish carefully and never insert your hands into the gills. Rather pull the fish from the water under the jaw bone. The best way to hold your fish for photos is to use gloves and place one hand in front of the tail and the other carefully under its belly. When returning the fish to the water, please be careful and not throw it in. Hold the tail and slowly move the fish side-to-side in an 's' patten until it regains strength and swims away. Never pull towards you or push away.

If a hook is caught in the fish's throat, do not forcefully pull. This can cause massive bleeding and death. Carefully try to remove the hook and if unable, cut the line at the hook and leave it there. The fish's digestive enzymes will corrode the hook and it will work its way out.

Monday, June 4, 2018


A late afternoon picture taken of Kitchi Rapids which is between Harrop Lake and Lewis Lake.

A sunset just below the big falls on Harrop Lake.

Harrop Lake Full Moon.

A beautiful evening.
A Perfect Sunset.


Each group throughout the season ask the same question, "What is the best time to catch big fish". I will always give the same answer, and it truly is, "the best time is when you are there".
Because of the fresh water flow throughout the summer the water temps never really rise that high and you will find little difference between May 15, June 15 thru until September. We do find that many big pike are caught in early spring, and the primary reason is because there are more fishermen at that time.
If you look at the Manitoba Master Angler program which tracks and records trophy fish caught each year you will actually find as many large pike caught in July and August as in May and June.
I personally prefer late summer fishing over spring fishing and the reasons are a few. #1. You will find the temperature to be more stable each day. #2 Our rainy season is already over which usually ends around June 15-30. July and August do normally see less rainfall. #3 The insect season is greatly reduced because of drier weather giving to great access to fishing throughout the day and also great evening fishing. #4 And lastly, we find the large Walleyes schooled on reefs on the lake and wherever you find an abundance of Walleyes the Pike are not far away.
So, when planning a fishing trip never overlook the late season for large fish, its an all around great time to be out fishing.


Saturday, June 2, 2018


The first guests for the 2018 season for the Poplar River camp are admiring and appreciating the renovation completed. The only thing better than the great facilities is the amazing fishing on the Poplar River.